The Essentials: White Polo Dress and Linen dresses

Classics, Classics, Classics. That’s all I can blurt out when I choose clothes for myself. I used to have a guide about the basic things you should have in your closet. There is a reason for that. I realized that it can last you lifetime and still feel that the clothes you have bought are still up for this season.

I can name a few. A little black dress, the black and white tee, the black and white tank. The black skirt, basic jeans, the black pants in all sorts or cuts and classic fits. Linen fabric items for me is also an essential. Of course, the classic white polo or the classic white polo dress. I can go on and on but these are at the top of my mind when we say basics.

There are many brands that have this style all-year-round. I can name a few but I am sure you have seen them. This one in particular, I only sourced from a Philippine on-line store called IG: @iamgiftsahoy .

She sells many clothes that are on spot and looks great and that great thing about it is, you only pay for a quarter of the price! If you buy it from Zara or Mango it would definitely cost more. This dress is being sold for only P1200. Not bad, plus the quality is also nice. The white fabric is quite thick as well. Everything depends on how you style your items and they will look more than how much you spent for them.

I have also found some pieces that are made with linen material. These are also so in right now and even before. I still consider them classics. Linen has been a go-to fabric for comfort that adds style. Now, comfortable and lose lounge type clothing are one to go off the racks easily. Also great to have because we can slip on it and feel care-free and fashionable.

Linen Dress only P1000

Linen Dress only P900

There are so many option to choose from. It would be really depend how you look and source for that perfect dress and essential to store in your wardrobe. Because at the end of the day, you consider what is a classic essential to you and your style. Whatever suits your lifestyle as we say it.

I just had to talk about this store since I have always relied on going to Zara or Mango or other brands that we see in the mall. Although, being on this lockdown has given me that chance and opened the doors for me to try and source out wonderful finds from online shopping and sourcing.

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