Simple All Black Day look


There are days when you just don’t know what to wear. All black for me is something that is so easy to think about and throw in. Why ? First, You can use any bag color you have which will add to your total look. Second? Shoes also will be an easy thinking game in terms of color. Lastly, all you have to worry about is the cut of the clothes you would like to wear and how to match it with your your total look.

For today’s black outfit, I used this Leticia black top from Unif0rm. They actually have a lot of these daily wear clothing that is so easy to pair with almost anything basic that you have in your closet. You can wear it again and again. These black trousers are from Zara, which I am very in love with it will be another staple to my wardrobe actually to do many of my minimalist looks. I love how the cut is in between just right when it comes to it’s looseness and fit. These Gucci Princetown leather slippers is the winner for today’s pick. The fact that they are very comfortable plus they go along with my easy all black look.

All black can sometimes be tricky. Since you need to experiment with the cuts that you have to use. Sometimes people think as long as it’s all black you can barely see the silhouette the clothes have. They still matter! As to not make your outfit boring always add an accent that can always boost your all black ensemble to still fun and chic. As for me, It is this ox blood coloured tote bag from Saint Laurent and these quirky thick framed glasses!

Top: Leticia Top from Unif0rm IG: @Unif0rm

Trousers: Zara Clothing 

Shoes: Gucci Princetown leather slippers

Bag: Saint Laurent 

Glasses: Native Sons 


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