Remembering the Almost Spring Feeling

I always love to travel when the weather is almost done with winter and spring is fast approaching. This is a very tricky weather to catch and really know what to carry along with you. I see the fun in that though that I could enjoy the weather that we do not have in the Philippines. Most especially to dress up in knits and outdoor wear. I am a lover of knits and turtlenecks. Living in a tropical country gives us limited occasions to be able to wear such. This time is just around the first week of February in the Shinjuku Gyoen National Park in Japan. The weather was perfect for strolls and just enjoying the park. Also, around this time we get confused on what to wear since the weather can either be cold or a little hot as it is almost entering spring. I definitely had to pack in light jackets, thick knits and light knits. Never leave home without your thermals! For today’s outfit I went for a rustic toned style!

Feeling lucky this time to be able to see some of the Cherry blossoms bloom… They say this is one of first Sakura trees that bloom around this time in the park. I really appreciate seeing this and being able to capture this moment on camera. Knowing that cherry blossom season is really around March. Now, back to talk about my outfit of the day. I really love this jacket, it is actually a very light outdoor jacket to take. When it’s very cold it gives me ample protection. When the sun is up I can just let it fit into my reusable bag and take it along with me and just wear it. When I travel, I really just want to be comfortable in the clothes that I wear and bring. I also try not to pack too much and see how I can wear each piece again for another outfit. Also wearing the perfect shoes is also very important. These boots are very comfortable more so so easy to match with my outfits. I could last all day walking in these.

I am already close to finishing this blog, I know that most of the time I write about fashion and style. It is really one things that I love and that I am passionate about writing and sharing and talking about. As I am writing this now. I just can’t help but share the feeling that I am having to look back around the times that we could still travel with no fuzz and no worry. I wonder, when would it be that we will be able to feel the outdoors again it may a be a feeling I took for granted then… Well all I can do right now is relive those memories with photos that we took from that moment. How the most beautiful places can be seen in the simplest locations. I can imagine myself trying to meditate and sitting down feeling very breath on this area and just appreciating the beauty. I would like the outdoors again and just walk around and traveling all over the world with no worry. Just focusing on the experience. Let’s take this on a lighter note! There will be more moments to do this again!


Turtleneck Knitwear: Zara 

Outerwear: Zara 

Jeans: Massimo Dutti

Boots: Circus by Sam Edelman 


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