My Avene Hydrance Aqua Cream-in-Gel Review

I have been hearing a lot of people saying that when you reach your 30’s you would have to look for products to put on your skin. Yes! I believe that. At our day and age we are very busy with our everyday schedules that we tend to forget that there are everyday aggressors that harm our skin. In my case, dry air, stress and air-pollutions are culprits to keeping my skin dry. Hence, my skin feels tight most especially when I remove my make-up. I really get that feeling afterwards. A lot of times also when I stay in air-conditioned spaces for a long time my skin tends to dry out and it gets harder for me to even smile properly.

Having used the Avene Aqua Cream-In-Gel for about a few months now. I have seen the promises it has made. I use it every after my shower and at night after I have removed my make-up. Once I applied the product the consistency which is gel-like turns into a creamy feel. I just spread it all over my eyes, face and even on my neck area. It really does not have that very sticky feel. Since I just put enough to cover face and feel it’s effect. Finally, once it dries up on my skin it leaves my skin feeling moisturised and hydrated in an instant.


The other benefits of using this product is that it has this mattifying effect to smoothen your pores. It rectifies the dullness cause by dehydration. As well as it brightens up and even out your skin tone. It did with mine and I am very happy with the result. This is specially formulated in Japan and is great and tailored for asian skin and more so for sensitive skin. Best to pair this with the Avene Eau Thermale Spring Water. also know for it’s soothing and anti-irritating properties.


I would definitely keep this on my beauty regimen. ” A do-it-all cream for dynamic women ” I am very happy with the product and would definitely recommend this to you guys. I do not put much on my skin but this Aqua Gel-In Cream is a must for us!

Available in select Mercury drugstores and Watson’s stores. 🙂

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