Mustard Yellow a must have Color for this summer

Summer is finally here and I really need to put some of my knits and turtlenecks to rest. I am switching to more summer friendly attires. Since I am still a fan of basic colours I still like to wear my black but in shirt form. Cotton and breathable fabric so perfect for the heat of this season.

Found these long straight cut pants from Zara. The cut is not so straight and has a little flare to it. It is perfect for chunky heeled shoes that is quite perfect for the pants. I am so in love with the color. It looks so warm and pleasing to the eye, and yes it does register well on cam perfect for your instagram photos. These pants also make you look taller as the cut gives that illusion.

So this summer, I will be wearing more of this color and looking out for more styles and cuts. I really think it does mesh well with the skin color and even if you are fair toned or morena toned it will still register well on you. Thank you for reading you guys! Until my next fashion blog!

Top: Mango Shirt 

Pants: Zara Clothing

Shoes: from a Flea Market in Europe 

Bags: LV Metis Monogram 

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