The Little Beige Dress

Don’t you just love searching through Mango’s summer season clothing? I have never bought so much Mango pieces in my life lately, until now. This is another one of my picks from their very huge selection of clothes, I am feeling like so much of a lady in this little beige dress. It has just the perfect slit for showing a bit of skin on this very hot afternoon. The beige tone is also very perfect and not harsh on the skin tone. You know with darker shades of beige it tends to not look as fresh. This shade though, it makes your face and skin look brighter.

I remember a few years back when they would have linen fabric that really looks terrible once worn because it looks like an iron is going to run after you while using it and sitting on it for hours. However, I feel that the linen material on this dress that even if it is crumpled it still looks nice because it adds to the beauty of the dress and makes it such an easy look and feel.Also, that it still looks polished. Not to mention that I love the design so much! Don’t forget to grab one since it is still out in the stores. Though another way to shop for Mango is to actually go online and buy !

Dress: Mango Clothing

Shoes: Mango Clothing 

Bag: Saint Laurent 


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