It’s all in the Beige Suit

Power dressing is the best way to feel confident! If only we did not have such a tropical country I would wear a blazer suit each day! Although,  the only times when I wear this is usually when there is a special meeting, event or occasion. This suit pair I got is really a combo pair with the same fabric and color. It comes in all black and all white! I also have the black blazer for this style and they have had this in Zara for quite a long time now. Apparently, I noticed that it does not go on sale even with the countless times I have checked it. This is always one of their classic stapes in their seasonal collections along with their cape blazer.

This is the blazer from Zara!

I always tell people and myself that wearing the perfect cut on you leaves you with that crisp and powerful look! Pair this with any sleeveless tank top or v-cut sleeveless tank for a young and fresher look. I always love neutral colors because they can suit any occasion but it won’t hurt to have a nice bold coloured suit! Maybe for one of my future events I will go get one!

How about the pants? It is still from Zara!

As for the culottes? I thought that these pants would be a fad. They turned out not to be. They are here to stay. You can pair them with all kinds of tops and blazers. This cut and style is one that I keep repeating again and again from my wardrobe.

What bag did I use ? that is the Gucci Ophidia GG small!

This bag is a vintage design from Gucci that they made modern today. The pattern is a timeless piece and the color combination for this is so Gucci! When I was looking at this bag and still weighing if I was going to purchase one or not, these were the things that I considered. Will it be a classic option? Can I wear it with a sporty outfit? in my perception, yes to both. Will I be able to wear it with a casual and chic outfit or even a skirt and a dress ? Yes! It all depends on the styling. Given all the yes’ to all my questions, that made me give this a go! I am into the nice accent it give a very neutral outfit. It really pops out. Also, the bag is very spacious and light without anything in it. I can carry it as a body bag, tote handle bag and I can also carry it on my shoulder.

How about my vinyl transparent strap shoes? They are from Zara!

As for my flats? They have been used time and time again since they are so easy to pair! I also have this is black!  The heel height is just right and it gives the illusion of slim feet and tall legs since I look like I am just tip-toeing. I love these sandals! They are here to stay! It is just a kind of style that you tend to just slip on and wear on simple attires to make it chic.

Thank you for reading! 🙂 Catch you guys again later on my next blog post! Goodbye for now.

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