How To Keep Your Toilet Fresh and Clean?

If you are like most people, like me, you probably don’t love cleaning bathrooms. I really think that it is one space that is so hard to clean and maintain. It’s not the cleaning part that’s difficult, it’s that you have to do it again and again because it’s the one space in the house that’s used the most.

I am also a mother to three beautiful boys and I have a very active lifestyle. I am always in and out of the house and I have a very erratic schedule, just trying to squeeze family, work, play and me-time in my schedule takes so much energy and time already. Then, of course, I still have to worry about keeping the bathroom clean for my boys and myself to use! I have to admit that my children always leave the bathroom messy every time they use it. That is why I wondered how can I keep my toilet fresh and clean?

Have you ever felt like you have to fight that constant battle to keep your bathroom and toilet spotless?

If you answered yes to that then we all know that cleaning isn’t fun, but we need to keep on repeating it for our sake, of course. That is why I was so thrilled to find out about this new discovery! It’s Mr Muscle® Fresh Discs. It keeps your toilet fresh and clean for longer in just 3 easy steps:

But, before anything else, make sure you start with a clean toilet — what the discs do is that they keep the toilet fresh and protected from stains longer so you don’t have to clean as often.

Step 1: Insert

Step 2: Stamp

Step 3: Flush 

Doing just those easy steps with the Mr Muscle® Fresh Discs already fights stains and provides long-lasting freshness. Now, I can keep my toilet fresh without touching the bowl!

I can just stamp the discs and leave them there (each disc lasts for about a week) and then just replace it once it’s gone. How? By repeating the three easy steps. Fantastic! This also helps fight the stains that harbor germs. Now, I can feel secure that my toilet is fresh and clean for my children to use.

So now, I can clean less and live more and I can do more with my children and my passions because I have solved that one area in the house that often needs cleaning and freshening up. 🙂 


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