How do we get long-lasting protection from insects in our home?

Me with my 3 precious boys

Hello there everyone! I am now on my blog since I have been so eager to share with you this problem that I am sure you can definitely relate to as well. Have you ever had insect issues? That no matter how much you keep your homes clean the insects still tend to do their visits all the time? The big problem is…. They are not welcome! You wake up one morning and get surprised because one of your children are complaining about an itchy bite, especially now that it’s dengue season and there are mosquitoes flying around. You are left wondering why? You are definitely sure that you kept their room clean and vacuumed well. Well, I learned that cleaning is not enough. These insects have to be dealt with to finally meet their doom. I would love to finally be able to feel comfortable knowing my boys and I are protected from these nasty insects.

If you all have been following me you all know that I am a mother of 3 beautiful boys. Being a mother, we always want what’s best for our children. We get so alarmed and frustrated when our kids get bitten by these unwanted pests.

Now, how can we get long lasting protection from these insects?

It is the Baygon Protector Multi-insect Killer! It’s an All-Purpose Insect Killer that’s formulated to provide fast killing power against flying and crawling insects found in and around the household.


Also, it has a Double Nozzle that has faster and wider coverage when I spray. So, it saves me time going around the house to spray in all the areas that need it.

I have been using Baygon for years now. If you are not yet familiar with this, I  have got some tips on how to use it effectively.

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How to use it effectively?

For Flying Insects:

1. Close doors and windows. 

2. Spray directly at flying insects or into the air with a sweeping motion

3. Leave treated area for about 15 minutes and keep the room closed.

For Crawling Insects:

1. Aim nozzle directly at cockroaches and spray.

2. Spray continuously for about 10 seconds or until surface is wet.

3. Do not remain in treated area. Keep room closed for 15 minutes.

 I can now worry less knowing that the Baygon Protector Multi-insect Killer is an All-Purpose Insect Killer that’s formulated to provide fast killing power and has Long-lasting protection against roaches and ants for us in our home.

I can also feel comfortable spraying this around the house to help protect me and my children from the insects that cause havoc in our most sacred place which is our home!

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