Feeling free with this chic beach dress

When in the beach being fashionable and comfortable must come hand in hand for me. Finding the best cover-up is always one that I find challenging. I must be able to walk properly, move around with no worry and I must be able to take it off and wear it easily. When I went to Maldives this was one of the outfits I brought with me.

That is why I am so in love with this dress that I bought from Cabana. I love the flow of the dress, the subtle cuts on the side just to show a little bit of a hint of the bikini that I am wearing inside and the best part is that it is white. Since it is any bikini color and pattern will be just right for this cover-up and would be easy to match.

I was so happy to be wearing this on my Maldives trip just recently. I could walk so freely with it. I can wear it either by day or by night. Since it has that look that can do just that. Just add the right accessories and change the bag or the sandals and off you go for your beach adventure.

Dress from CABANA 

Sunglasses from Karen Walker

Bikini from Swim 

Earrings from Swim 


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