Earth Warrior Workshop Activity for kids :)

We always want to find an activity for our children to learn new things as well as experience the outdoors, most especially if we live in the city. We want a breath of fresh air too. Good thing that I know of Holy Carabao and their Earth Warrior workshop activities. This activity is located at The Farm Shed in Sta. Elena, Laguna. This workshop is headed by the founders of Holy Carabao Farm Melanie Lynn-Go and Hindy webber Tantoco they are such cool teachers to have! My kids love them. By the way, just to mention also that this workshop is not available all-year round. Although, schools can actually schedule a field-trip there and experience planting, learning about healthy soil for planting as well as learn a bit or two about organic food. Now, I have found a perfect place for the kids to get away for a short while and experience the outdoors and be one with nature. Here is our experience at the Earth Warrior Workshop! Hope you watch and enjoy our video as much as my kids enjoyed it!


Find out more information by visiting they website:   

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