Chic in a Monotone Suit look

Hello everyone! It has been awhile since my last fashion blog my schedule has been hectic! Ok enough of that what am I going to share to all of you! What am wearing ? I actually went monotone chic today with an all cream ensemble! Is it a suit tandem? No it isn’t! You don’t necessarily have to buy a combo to achieve the sleek and suit look perfectly ! All you have to do it choose the closest color and fabric for your blazer and trousers set. Also, you need to know which cut and shape fits with each piece.

As for my Monotone Chic attire the blazer is from Zara!

This is another type of styling you can do with the blazer if you want to buy the pair! Although, I am also letting you know you can play around that a bit, just go for a shade really close with the blazer or trousers you have chosen. They both would look really chic either way. It would just depend on what look you would like to achieve. As for me, I went for a sleek and clean look since I wore this for my Lady Boss shoot. I just thought it would be perfect.

As for my trousers they are also from Zara!

These pants are the best, I find them very versatile and it is such an easy item to pair. I even have this in black since I love the cut so much as well as the belt detail is actually quite slimming and the tapered cut actually makes us taller. It gives the impression of long legs. Another thing that can help you get that extra height would be the choice of shoes you make.

I am wearing the Kate or Decollete from Christian Louboutin!

If only I could last all day in these sharp and sleek looking shoes I would. Louboutin’s are the best heels you could have to give you those sexy feet and stand. This model in particular for me is more comfortable than the so kate. I am more able to walk around and stand in them longer. So if you are looking for that perfect sexy shoes show off this is one best classic number!

What bag am I wearing ? It’s the Peekaboo Iconic Essentially!


This is such a great classic bag! It took me awhile to choose which peekaboo model I would go for.  Finally after a long time of thinking with looking at the options and reviewing them  I ended up getting this model. I don’t regret it at all! You can easily dress is up or down. I also thought it was the perfect accent to my oh-so-cream Monotone attire. A little pop of black and still it looks so polished!

There you go! So just pair and try it out you can always play with the classic pieces that you get and create a very chic monotone look with different blazers and trousers!



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