Blue Floral Mango Dress

I enjoy wearing floral dresses. It gives such a lady-like feel, finding the perfect pattern is a must when choosing a floral dress. I love the design of this dress from Mango has it can go to a tropical and botanical look all together. I may even wear this to the beach. The cut is also very flattering and the cute tie up design on  the shoulder adds that perfect little bow effect that gives off that dainty look.

The cut of the dress is already nice to begin with. Although, wearing the perfect belt for the outfit adds that little extra  detail as well as adds more shape to your silhouette. I am using this tie-up rope belt from Mango clothing. I am all smiles wearing this dress to my best friend’s special event for my inaanak Mav.

I love this woman to bits and pieces. We did not even plan this get-up together to look so camera ready since her all white chic suit look matches my dress. The colors as so coordinated and look so picture perfect. Just like how our friendship is oh-so complimenting. ?


Dress: Mango 

Shoes: Steve Madden 

Belt: Mango 

Photo taken by: Camille Gonzales Photography IG: @camgonzales


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