Birthday Romantic Me

I am now a year older and I feel oh so younger. I have stopped counting once I have reached the age of 30. I am glad though to have had another year to gain wisdom and look at things in a new fresh outlook. I am now geared with more knowledge and learning that I can say I am ready to experience more in the next few years or so.

They do say that the best years to take photos and documents most of your pictures would be when you are 30 until you are 40. I would not know if you guys are on the same page with me but I just decided to give it a try, at least I would have something to look back to when I would like to reminisce about the good old days. I will take advantage that right now that I can still move around and walk easily in heels and twirl like there is no tomorrow. Funny, I used to be so camera shy that posing seems like such a stressful thing for me to do. I am still a bit shy and uneasy when I take photos but I do hope it is not that obvious.

I am sure for all of you who know my fashion style. That since then, I have been so fond of solid colours and plain fabrics. I am such a minimalist person, what perfect timing to try out a romantic look for this day. I love this dress from Ever New it has the right amount of floral prints for a very soft look, I am so into the cool colours the dress has that matches the cut and flow of the fabric perfectly. I also got these shoes from Ever New to complete the look. I can definitely wear this dress again soon because it has such a classic feel to it. I enjoyed wearing this dress, which attained the Birthday Romantic me.

Again, I just want to say I am very thankful for another year on this Earth to experience life and be with my children and family. I love them all so dearly. Thank you to all those people who have been part of my life completing with me every journey and purpose we may all have for each other. Also, to all of you who continue to make me a source of inspiration in your lives. I want to say thank you and that I will continue to do so. If you will allow to. This is me, this is how and who I am. I hope you all continue to support me and enjoy seeing some parts of me through these windows.


Dress: Ever New 

Shoes: Ever New 

Photo Taken by: IG @LittleCoeo by Bella Morcen

Make-up by: IG @NikiMedina

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